How to Set Up Filters and Get Alerts for Properties on Roofstock

One of the first things we recommend investors do after they browse the property marketplace is to set up and save at least one filter so they start to receive property alerts.

You can filter off many different factors, including market, cap rate, year built, and neighborhood rating.

In the demo below, we'll show you how to:

  1. Save a filter
  2. Access your saved filters
  3. Edit your email notification frequency
  4. Delete a saved filter

saved filter demo 6.1.2020

And if you want to edit an existing filter, here's a quick demo on how to do that:

update saved filter demo 6.1.2020 (1)





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Emil Shour


Emil Shour

Emil Shour is the Growth Marketing Manager at Roofstock. Before joining the team in 2019, Emil began his real estate investing journey in 2017 by buying properties through the Roofstock marketplace. He now owns rental properties in Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Memphis, and St. Louis, and loves helping other investors build wealth through real estate.

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