Chairman & Co-Founder Gregor Watson's interview with Cheddar

Chairman & Co-Founder Gregor Watson's live interview with streaming business channel Cheddar

Our Chairman & Co-Founder Gregor Watson joined web-streaming business channel Cheddar for an interview on December 14, 2016 live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He spoke about the growth of the real estate rental market due to trends towards renting instead of owning, and an increased interest in affordable investment properties in growing metropolitan areas amongst retail investors.



Roofstock Chairman Gregor Watson's Interview with web-streaming business channel Cheddar from Roofstock, Inc. on Vimeo.


Other topics discussed during the interview included the effect of possible interest rate hikes and the incoming administration on the real estate investment market. The trends of renters in major cities with unaffordable housing prices, such as New York and San Francisco, wanting to invest in real estate in more affordable markets and growing interest from Asia were also addressed.

As Roofstock expands into new markets across the country and our marketplace continues to grow, we are opening up investment opportunities to investors across the country and the world that were previously difficult to access due to geographic and logistical factors. Roofstock simplifies the process and removes those barriers to entry, as Gregor Watson explains in this live interview with Cheddar.

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Andrew Bilen


Andrew Bilen

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