The Roofstock Rental Property Certification Process Explained

We hope you enjoyed our introduction to the Roofstock marketplace, and that you’ve contacted one of our Advisors. Today we’re going to dig into our proprietary certification process, and what it means for investors.

At Roofstock, we believe in full transparency and when investing in Single-Family Rentals. We want you to have access to all of the tools we would use if we were investing ourselves (well, truth be told, we are also Roofstock marketplace investors).

Before listing a property on the Roofstock marketplace, the property must pass a rigorous vetting and review process, which comprises a thorough multi-point review of all aspects of the property.  So, what is behind our rental property certification?

The Roofstock Certification Process59524e0e-1fae-48c5-968f-9a69134ef49d

  1. A property inspection conducted by an experienced national inspection firm
  2. Property valuation and rental market analysis to ensure properties are priced fairly
  3. An estimate of the cost of major repairs
  4. Review and summarize key lease terms including monthly rent, lease-end date, security deposit, and utility responsibility
  5. Review tenant payment history to determine that they have adhered to the lease with timely payments
  6. Home disclosure reports that summarize any local risks including natural hazards and local crime rates
  7. Preferred property managers, vetted by Roofstock, that are experts in the local area

a176df49-b96d-489a-bf1a-2f9b932910f2Roofstock knows the value of feeling confident in your investments and we want to ensure you have the tools at your fingertips to select the best properties for your objectives. We encourage you to browse roofs and contact us. As investors ourselves, we are passionate about SFR and love to share what we have learned along the way to help maximize the potential of an SFR portfolio for you.

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Zach Evanish


Zach Evanish

Zach is the Director of Client Advisory Services for Roofstock. Previously, during his tenure as Director of Acquisitions at Waypoint Homes, he oversaw the purchase of more than 1,500+ properties. A landlord of eight years and owner of seven investment properties, he enjoys helping real estate investors of all sizes build their real estate empire!

This article, and the Roofstock Blog in general, is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is not investment, tax, financial planning, legal, or real estate advice. Roofstock is not your advisor or agent. Please consult your own experts for advice in these areas. Although Roofstock provides information it believes to be accurate, Roofstock makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this blog.

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