The Roofstock Guarantee

Industry-leading guarantee to give you total confidence

Our innovative Roofstock Guarantee allows you to invest with confidence, regardless of whether the home is leased or vacant.

30-Day Money-Back

30-Day Money Back

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of closing and we’ll start the refund process. *

Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent

Enjoy guaranteed rent on vacant properties starting 45 days after the home is rent-ready. Plus you will also pay no monthly management fees until your property is leased.*

How Roofstock Guarantee Works

How Roofstock Guarantee Works

  • Your satisfaction is important to us.  If there’s any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please notify us within 30 days from closing on your property.
  • Roofstock will re-list the property for free on our marketplace.  When the property sells, we will refund the original purchase price at closing regardless of whether it sells for more or less. If the home doesn’t sell within 90 days, Roofstock will buy back the property and you will receive your refund when the property closes.  You are responsible for applicable closing costs associated with any of these transactions. 
  • While you still own the home, you are responsible for maintaining the property, as the home must be in materially the same condition as when you purchased it. You are responsible for typical costs of ownership, which may include insurance, upkeep and property management fees.  
  • Properties must meet Roofstock Certification parameters and pass a property inspection conducted by a Roofstock-approved vendor.  Only one guarantee claim may be made by a buyer during any 90-day period. 
Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed Rent

The following is a summary of the rent guarantee program, which is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please see “Terms” for more details.


  • Subject to other conditions, if you purchase a vacant home and work with a rent guarantee-eligible preferred property manager, you’ll receive payments for up to 12 months on a rent-ready property. 
  • Roofstock will pay you an amount equal to 75% of the estimated market rent rate starting 45 days after your property is rent-ready, which refers to the condition where the home can achieve the estimated market rent and a tenant is able to move in.   
  • If you have purchased a property that is not in rent-ready condition, all required repairs (as determined by the preferred property manager) must be completed at your expense within 90 days of closing in order to qualify for the rent guarantee.  
  • Payments are calculated at the end of each month and remitted in the following month. The rent guarantee terminates on the date a lease is signed for the property or one year after becoming effective, whichever comes first.
  • You must accept qualified applicants that pass the screening guidelines of your preferred property manager as long as the rental rate is 92.5% or greater than the estimated market rent rate.  Only homes that are vacant at closing can qualify. 

Roofstock Certified Homes

1. We Find High Potential Markets

  • We analyze House Price Appreciation (HPA), rental rates, growth yields, job growth and population growth in the area to find markets that have good potential for investment.
  • Each area is then analyzed to look at the supply and demand for Single-Family Rental houses to determine additional growth factors.
  • Our research goes down to the neighborhood level looking at nearby schools, various amenities and crime rates to identify regions with better gross yields, HPA and total returns.

Roofstock has developed a rigorous certification process whereby less than 15% of all properties submitted are made available on our marketplace.  These are the steps we take: 

1. Arrange for a comprehensive property inspection conducted by an experienced real estate inspection vendor approved by Roofstock.   

2. Homes that pass the property inspection means the inspector did not find evidence of:  


  • Need for immediate roof repairs 
  • Water intrusion, mold, or active water/gas leaks 
  • Boarded windows (unless needed for weather or vacancy) 
  • Knob-and-tube or double tap wiring 
  • Immediate repairs estimated to be greater than 15% of list price 
  • Need for a specialist to inspect structural, foundation, severe fire hazard, pest and/or asbestos issues 

For properties with an Inspection Contingency, these conditions also apply during the inspection conducted prior to closing.  

3.  Identify any needed repairs and associated cost estimates and make them available for review prior to making your offer  or during the diligence period prior to closing. 

4.  Ensure there are no issues related to the title and disclosures by running a title report and reviewing it to make sure it can be cleared at closing.   

5. Confirm rent and payment requirements are met, ensuring the property meets minimum rent requirements and payments are current for properties that have a tenant in place. 

6. Provide transparency and make it easy for investors to access all the data on our listing details page and Diligence Documents on the Analysis tab.   

  • Conduct a property valuation and rental market analysis to ensure properties are priced fairly.
  • Estimate the cost of major repairs and renegotiate the price if the repairs are extensive.

  • Find recommended property managers with expertise and operations in the local area.
  • Review their property management process and reporting to identify the most promising options.
  • Personally interview the top managers to find the best.
The Roofstock Guarantee Details 

The rent guarantee is only available for single-family properties and is not available for duplexes, multiplexes, commercial properties, “Roofstock One” properties and properties purchased as part of Roofstock portfolios.  Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.  

*Terms and conditions apply 

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