The Roofstock Guarantee

Industry-leading guarantee to give you total confidence

30-Day Money-Back

30-Day Money Back

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of closing and we’ll start the refund process.*

Lease Up Guarantee

Lease Up Guarantee

Buy a vacant home with confidence. We guarantee that you’ll secure a signed lease on your rent-ready home within 45 days, or we will cover rent for up to a year.*

30-Day Money Back

30-Day Money Back

  • Your satisfaction is important to us. If there’s any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of a certified Roofstock property, please notify us within 30 days from your closing date.
  • Roofstock will re-list the property for free on our marketplace or any other channels. When the property sells, we will refund the original purchase price at closing regardless of whether it sells for more or less. If the home doesn’t sell within 180 days, Roofstock will buy back the property and you will receive your refund when the property closes. You are responsible for applicable closing costs associated with any of these transactions.
  • While you still own the home, you are responsible for maintaining the property, as the home must be in materially the same condition as when you purchased it. You are responsible for typical costs of ownership, which may include insurance, upkeep and property management fees.
  • Properties must meet Roofstock’s certification parameters and pass a property inspection conducted by a Roofstock-approved vendor within 4 months of the purchase date.
  • Only one guarantee claim may be made by a buyer during any 180-day period.
  • Properties purchased through Roofstock's portfolio or VIP programs, or not otherwise certified, are ineligible for the 30-Day Money Back guarantee.
Lease Up Guarantee

Lease Up Guarantee

The following is a summary of the lease up guarantee program, which is subject to additional terms and conditions. Please see “Terms” for more details.

  • If you purchase a vacant home and work with a preferred property manager, you’ll be eligible for the Lease Up Guarantee.
  • Payments are calculated at the end of each month and remitted in the following month. The guarantee terminates on the date the first lease is signed for the property or one year after becoming effective, whichever comes first. Roofstock will pay you an amount equal to 75% of the estimated market rent rate starting 45 days after your property is rent-ready for up to 12 months. “Rent-ready” means the home is in a satisfactory condition to be rented at a predetermined market rent rate and that a tenant is able to move into the property.
  • If you have purchased a property that is not in rent-ready condition, all required repairs (as determined by the preferred property manager) must be completed at your expense within 90 days of closing in order to qualify.
  • You must accept qualified applicants (in accordance with applicable law) that pass the screening guidelines of your preferred property manager as long as the rental rate is 90% or greater than the estimated market rent rate. We comply with the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act and all similar state and local laws.
  • Only homes that are vacant at closing are eligible.
  • Not available for duplexes, multiplexes, homes that do not meet Roofstock's certification process, or homes purchased through Roofstock's portfolio or VIP programs

Roofstock Certification Process


Roofstock has developed a rigorous vetting process whereby properties that meet our standards will be listed on our marketplace as Roofstock Certified properties. Our process includes:

1.  Arranging for a comprehensive property inspection conducted by an experienced, third-party inspection vendor approved by Roofstock.

2.  Reviewing the home inspection to confirm that it states the following:

  • Immediate repairs estimated are not greater than 15% of list price

  • Verify HVAC complies with local standards in regard to heating

  • No need for immediate roof repairs

  • No evidence of water intrusion, mold, or active water/gas leaks

  • No boarded windows (unless needed for weather or vacancy)

  • No evidence of electrical or health and safety concerns


Offers on some properties may come with an inspection contingency.

3.  Identifying any needed repairs and associated cost estimates and making them available for review prior to making your offer or during the diligence period prior to closing.

4.  Asking the seller to verify that, to his knowledge, there are no known issues related to the title and disclosures.

5.  Asking the seller to confirm that rent payments are current and that the current tenant does not have an excessive late payment balance.

6.  Providing transparency and making it easy for investors to access all the data on our listing details page and Diligence Documents on the Analysis tab.

Certain properties, including homes sold through Roofstock's portfolio and VIP programs, are not eligible for certification.


The Roofstock 30-Day Money Back and Lease Up Guarantee

Additional Eligibility Details: These programs are only available for single-family properties and are not available for duplexes, multiplexes, commercial properties, short term rentals, “Roofstock One” properties, or properties purchased as part of Roofstock's Portfolio or VIP programs. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.  

*Terms and conditions apply 

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