Roofstock is now partnered with investment funds

Available exclusively to accredited investors.


The SFR Generations Fund managed by BrightForge is a low-cost option for accredited investors who want the efficiency of the Roofstock platform to gain exposure to income-producing housing assets and desire a professional manager to select the houses, oversee the closing and financing processes, and basically "do the work" of managing a portfolio of rental houses with the diversification benefits of the scale of a larger portfolio.

Summary of terms:

  • Evergreen Fund - Allowing for periodic additions and withdrawals of capital
  • Fund Legal Structure - General Partner / Limited Partner structure (accredited investors and qualified purchasers)
  • Targeted Current Yield - 4-6% net of fees
  • Targeted IRR - 10-14% net of fees
  • Election to withdraw or reinvest distribution - Modify your reinvestment strategy as your needs change
  • Management fee – 0.90% of equity
  • Performance fee – 20% on performance in excess of a 8% annual fixed return hurdle
  • Anticipated leverage - 50-70% of Property Value