Favorite Roofstock Features

  • Invest independently without needing an agent
  • Outstanding customer service
  • School scores provided by GreatSchools

Linda has been learning about the benefits of investing in rental properties and wants to expand her real estate holdings. She came to Roofstock looking for an easier way to invest in real estate, particularly Single-Family Rental houses.

Prior to Roofstock, Linda says, “our experience with buying Single-Family Rentals was with agents. It was frustrating at times trying to get our intentions across and we probably would have invested in a lot more properties if we had found a simpler way to invest.”

Her motivations for expanding her cash-flowing real estate assets were simple: “I want financial freedom, to work solely for myself on my own terms and travel A LOT!” In order to acquire more cash-flowing assets to put her in control of her financial future, she needed a more efficient and effective method for investing in real estate.



Roofstock provided Linda access to an online marketplace of certified, cash flowing Single-Family Rentals (SFRs) located across geographic markets, all backed by thorough diligence. Linda found the rental properties she was looking for without needing to rely on an agent. “What attracted me to Roofstock was the ease of using your marketplace. It’s like the Amazon of real estate. I simply added it to my cart, paid the marketplace fee, and I was instantly one step closer to building my investment portfolio!”

“Roofstock’s website is a dream come true for property investors, offering properties that are both certified and occupied, with detailed inspection reports and property management company recommendations.” Linda found Roofstock’s detailed search tools to be an asset to the property evaluation process. As she says, “the ability to filter and analyze properties across metrics like gross yield, monthly rent and school scores made it really easy to find a great investment property.”

Linda feels strongly about the advantages of the Single-Family Rental asset class: “Investing in SFRs just makes sense! Particularly when you buy in a neighborhood with good schools (which Roofstock helps you to identify) because families with children tend to stay long-term, so you get a lot less renter turnover. That’s why I want to buy and hold as many SFRs as I can acquire.”

Even given her past experience investing in residential real estate, Linda naturally had questions about the closing process during her first purchase without a traditional agent. Thankfully, Roofstock’s transaction management team was there to make it easy. “The Roofstock team was amazing, always replying to every email promptly and knowledgeably. And frankly, I asked them a lot of questions!”


Bottom Line

Roofstock enabled Linda to invest in Single-Family Rental properties matching her investment criteria and helping her on the path to financial independence.

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