Favorite Roofstock Features

  • Accurate return estimates in advance
  • Powerful property search filters
  • Preferred partners help streamline closing process

As a financial services professional, Josh is very comfortable investing in traditional financial assets. “I decided to invest in real estate for the first time for a number of reasons: diversifying my portfolio, earning monthly passive income, and investing in more tangible assets. I also wanted the tax benefits of owning real estate.”

Josh was comfortable with investing principles, but he didn’t have experience applying them to a real estate investment. He decided to get his feet wet with Single-Family Rental properties rather than take on the challenge of multi-unit properties. “My wife and I were looking at investment opportunities in the New York City area, specifically single apartment units in Manhattan, but the numbers didn’t quite work.” So he faced the challenge of finding and evaluating rental houses outside his region.



Roofstock helped Josh find good markets and provided an in-depth analysis of every investment property on its Marketplace. “I used the search filters to identify high-yielding properties. Being able to calculate my returns based on having a tenant in place, knowing the current rent and length of the lease was a major draw for me.” Josh relied on Roofstock to help him evaluate properties across several different regions and narrow in on those that achieved the monthly returns he was seeking. “For me, it was really numbers driven; it came down to the monthly cash flow and the total cost.”

In addition to using Roofstock’s property filters to narrow his search, Josh also had the support of the Advisory Services team to help him select properties. “I found the Roofstock client advisors to be really knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process whenever I had questions.” He was able to rely on their advice and market insights to validate his own “numbers driven” decision-making.

Josh was thinking of these houses as an investment and knew he needed a good property manager. Josh was able to rely on Roofstock’s experienced transaction management team “hand-holding” him through the process of selecting a preferred property manager, lender, and title company to help him complete his transaction. “After looking around at property management and financing options on my own, I decided to go with Roofstock’s preferred partners which really smoothed out the whole closing process.” Knowing that he had the support of Roofstock’s experienced team at every step of the process gave him confidence as a first-time real estate investor.


Bottom Line

Josh was so pleased with the Roofstock experience that he invested in 4 investment properties within two weeks.

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