Introducing Roofstock One, a new way to craft custom, passive real estate investment portfolios

The Roofstock team has been hard at work creating an experience we believe will truly change the game for single-family rental (SFR) real estate investors. 

Today, we’re introducing the next phase of Roofstock One. We’ve re-engineered the product to make customized passive investments for accredited investors more accessible than ever before. And, until the end of 2021, you can start with as little as $1,000. 

Roofstock One brings together the best of Roofstock. From our institutional-caliber research to property and asset management capabilities, Roofstock One makes investing in the $4 trillion SFR asset class completely accessible and turnkey. 

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Here’s why we’re so excited about it:

  • Roofstock One’s structure is an industry-first for SFR REITs. Investors can purchase shares representing ownership interests in curated, fully-managed SFR properties, or opt for broader diversification. 
  • Its customizable experience lets investors choose their own paths. Roofstock One is an efficient alternative to direct investing that lets you diversify and tailor your portfolio based on your goals. Investors on Roofstock One can focus on the cities, regions, and investment strategies that appeal to them most.
  • It offers Roofstock users passive investments, actively managed: We are a vertically integrated business with institutional-caliber property and asset management services all available in-house. It is this experienced team that professionally manages your investments — from ensuring the properties in your portfolio are properly maintained to making sure all taxes, insurance, and related HOA fees are paid. Investors need not worry about traditional landlord responsibilities, like managing renovation or tenancy issues, but they still have the opportunity to potentially benefit from the cash flow and asset appreciation. 
  • It comes at the perfect time to get started or grow your SFR portfolio. SFR demand is growing rapidly, and for good reason. SFRs can be both powerful income generators and attractive growth investments. And with properties identified by Roofstock’s investment team, Roofstock One allows accredited investors to leverage institutional-caliber investment strategy to build a diversified SFR portfolio with the same ease as purchasing stocks. We’re kicking off the product in some markets we really like such as Georgia, Indiana, and Alabama, which we believe will continue to benefit from COVID-fueled migration. Our intention is to rapidly expand this footprint so stay tuned for announcements regarding market expansion! 

Between the Roofstock Marketplace, our growing suite of owner services, and the addition of the re-architected Roofstock One, we’re unlocking multiple paths to help people everywhere reach their investment goals and achieve generational wealth through real estate with a streamlined, intuitive experience. And this launch of Roofstock One is just the beginning. We are always innovating on behalf of current and future investors - for example, we are exploring a blockchain solution that could allow us to tokenize Roofstock One shares or other SFR-related products. I believe the future is bright for the SFR sector and its investors, and am proud that Roofstock is playing a pivotal role in moving this industry forward.

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-Gary Beasley, co-founder and CEO of Roofstock


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Gary Beasley


Gary Beasley

Gary Beasley is CEO and Co-Founder of Roofstock.

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