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3 Things We Like About the Columbia, S.C. Real Estate Market

Last updated Aug 8, 2018

Roofstock recently expanded its marketplace to Columbia, the capital of South Carolina and the state's second largest city.  Read More

Phoenix Investment Property Market Spotlight

Last updated Jun 15, 2018

Check out what's happening in the Phoenix investment property market. We've gathered data, research, market news and insight from... Read More

Top Rental Markets Millennials Move to Faster Than Anywhere Else

Last updated Aug 28, 2018

Millennials are the biggest generation the world has seen. In the U.S., they tally more than 75 million people. With that, they... Read More

New Survey Reveals Top Picks for Amazon HQ2 Location

Last updated Jun 20, 2018

When Amazon first announced in January its shortlist of 20 location candidates for a second headquarters, the real estate... Read More

The Five Hottest Florida Real Estate Markets to Sell Property In

Last updated Mar 5, 2018

Florida has experienced a promising rebound in recent years following a slow recovery from the 2008 recession. Home prices are on... Read More

Los Angeles Single-Family Rental Market Now Open on Roofstock

Last updated Jun 15, 2018

Spring has been a busy time of year at Roofstock! Right on the heels of our Memphis launch, we are keeping up the momentum by... Read More

New Market Launch: Memphis

Last updated May 19, 2017

With strong yields and favorable market fundamentals, the single-family rental market in Memphis is anything but the blues. Like... Read More

New Market Launch: Indianapolis

Last updated May 17, 2017

As Roofstock continues to grow its footprint of investment property markets across the wide number of regions that are primed to... Read More

New Market Launch: Dallas

Last updated May 17, 2017

Dallas has been high on the list of top-rated real estate markets for Single-Family Rental (SFR) investment throughout 2016, and... Read More

Top Cities in the Single Family Rental Market

Last updated Mar 21, 2018

Top Single-Family Rental Markets Today’s top Single-Family Rental (SFR) markets are broadly located in the Southeastern, South... Read More

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