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Five Reasons to Buy an Out-of-State Income Property

Last updated Feb 14, 2018

Many people don’t realize that choosing to buy an out-of-state income property is a smart way to spread out risk, earn better... Read More

Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy an Investment Property

Last updated Feb 16, 2018

If you’re hunting for a rental income property at an attractive price, you might be wondering when the best time of year to buy... Read More

How Institutional Investors Can Help Expedite Houston's Recovery

Last updated Oct 23, 2017

A long road of healing and rebuilding lies ahead in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. As those affected by this cataclysmic... Read More

How Much do Property Managers Charge? Fees and What to Expect

Last updated Feb 5, 2018

Just like with anything new, contracts and property management fees can seem intimidating to many first-time investors. You don’t... Read More

3 Questions to Ask About Investment Property Locations

Last updated Jan 28, 2018

When done right, investing in real estate is a proven way to earn income while building equity. But depending on your budget and... Read More

How to Pick a Residential Investment Property Neighborhood

Last updated Feb 22, 2018

Location is one of many factors to consider when selecting the residential investment property that's right for you. For many... Read More

5 Things to Look for in an Investment Property Manager

Last updated Feb 2, 2018

Your rental property is an asset that requires proactive and professional management to protect it properly. You wouldn’t let... Read More

The Role of the Residential Property Management Company

Last updated Feb 22, 2018

Think property management companies just collect and cash rent checks? Think again. From staying on top of federal, state, and... Read More

Understanding Renters of Single-Family Houses | Roofstock

Last updated Feb 16, 2018

As a rental property investor, you have many options that let you tailor your search criteria to fit your investing goals. Read More

Your Real Estate Investing Questions, Answered: Q&A with Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley

Last updated Aug 21, 2017

Roofstock CEO Gary Beasley recently teamed up with Joe Saul-Sehy of the popular investing podcast Stacking Benjamins to answer... Read More

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